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Sustainable production for your clothing brand. We take your headache out of manufacturing clothing products, so you can focus on selling them




Building the backbone for
#Sustainable clothing brands

Scale your sustainable clothing brand with the sophistication of any major brand, within minutes, with $0 upfront cost. Join us to be sustainable and scalable

Design #Organic products

Eco friendly clothing designs

Choose designs from a huge collection of organic products, ready to go for bulk production with your label on it

Sketch to 3D to product

Share your sketch to get 3D modeling of your products. Turn your ideas into products and sell them on your label

Expert designers on-demand

You don’t need designers anymore. Work with experts on-demand to build your label with no upfront cost

Compliance and transparency

Manufacture in Organic plants

Ethical clothing manufacturer

No underaged workers, >98% structural & fire safety, Eco friendly wastage plants

Premium quality in bulk

Top notch product quality, MOQ as low as 250 SKU, 21 days turnaround time

No worries about shipping

RTS handles the freights and shipping logistics
all the way to your warehouse. Get ready for the
delivery at no cost of service

Minimum order quantity

Make any quantity from 500 pcs

Any quantity above 500 receives value-based prices & your deal becomes profitable. The higher the quantity, the lower the price gets. Sustainable clothing production gets cheaper when quantity is bigger.
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Share your designs

Get costing on your custom clothing designs within 24 hours


Certifications that our factories comply

Grow your clothing brand with us

Focus on growing your brand, leave everything else to RTS!